The Rock Sweetly Wishes 101-Year-Old Grandma Happy Birthday

Marie Grover is a huge fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, star of the upcoming films Black Adam and The Jungle Cruise. She’s been following the actor’s career for the past 30 years—the very portrait of devotion. Marie celebrated her 101st birthday on Thursday, October 1, and The Rock sent her a very special message. He filmed a video, took off his mask (no one else is around!), and very sweetly crooned “Happy Birthday” to Marie. It’s rather endearing.

And the best part? This is the second year The Rock has sang to Marie. He started this tradition in 2019 for Marie’s 100th birthday. Marie’s granddaughter’s best friend Jamie Klingler helped make the magic happen by tweeting at Johnson last year and asking for a special birthday message. The Rock went above and beyond. Instead of just tweeting happy birthday for Jamie to pass along, he recorded himself singing the celebratory song to Marie—an action he repeated this year.

The Rock sings happy birthday to a grandma

CBS Miami

So now it’s just part of Marie’s celebrations! Which is pretty darn sweet. If you watch the video above, you can see how Marie’s face totally lights up. She even calls him “my Rock.” Though it doesn’t appear to be a live call, it’s such a treat to watch Marie’s reaction to his message. We have a hunch she’s blown lots of kisses to Johnson in her time.

Johnson says he has some of his tequila, Teremana Tequila, on the way to Marie. While I’m not sure if that’s an entirely appropriate gift for a 101-year-old, it’s the thought that counts. And hey, maybe Marie still knocks back shots and the secret to her long life.

Featured Image: CBS Miami

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