The Real Pokémon of Your Dreams

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Think you’ve seen the final evolution of every Pokémon? Think again! This beautiful, apothecary-inspired Pokémon art is enough to make any true fan’s heart sing, and even turn the heads of non-fans with its whimsical style.

Artist Kobey Matsushige has been a Pokémon fan since the 5th grade, when her fellow classmates introduced her to the world of cute, tiny, anime animals that we all know and love. Between 2010 and 2013, Kobey perfected her genre of Pokémon art, which brings to life the little battling creatures of her youth into a breathtaking, realistic style.

With no formal art training, Kobey learned how to draw and use watercolors from her father, who embraced a shabby chic boutique art style that Kobey found fascinating. Kobey comments about her art, “The slightly whimsical, dreamy, and ethereal style was something I really embraced as I grew older.  I would often see boutique styled items and think, ‘That’d be awesome if it were a Pokémon-themed thing,’ which eventually led me to this specific subject and style.”

It’s easy to see the allure of her art at first glance, and even more so for grown up Pokémon fans, who can enjoy the nostalgia of Pokémon in a less cartoony style. Kobe mentions, “It’s disguising something familiar from our childhood in a more mature facade. I wanted to illuminate an old favorite to allow for a different perspective and appreciation….The idea is about disguising Pokémon so that people who do not necessarily have any prior knowledge can still enjoy the art. Vaporeon is one of the most popular pieces I have done. My other favorite painting would be Suicune. I love deer and kirin and think he turned out wonderfully.”

Here’s where you can find more of Kobey Matsushige’s art:
PokeShoppe’s Instagram

Which piece of Kobey’s is your favorite? Check out more of her  artwork in the gallery below!

Image Credit: Kobey Matsushige/deviantArt

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