The Official Magikarp Music Video Celebrates the Infamous Pokemon’s Awfulness

We’ve all made fun of how useless Magikarp are, and it’s no secret that they are widely known as one of the weakest Pokemon out there. Still, you can’t help but love the little floundering bastards, right? Maybe you don’t want to have to rely on them for battle, but they do bring a special energy to our Pokedexes, right? In that spirit, Pokemon released an official music video singing the praises of Magikarp, and it’s nothing short of hilarious–and a little sad.

While the song is is Japanese, our friends at Cheezburger did manage to translate the song’s chorus for us. I’ll be honest: it doesn’t really pull any punches. The cheerful child singing the song declares, “Weak Pokemon, Magikarp. The weakest in the world. Weak Pokemon, Magikarp, so weak that it’s actually shocking.” It’s not the most flattering of anthems, to say the least, but it is pretty catchy, even in a language I don’t understand.While most of the music video is spent taking Magikarp’s weaknesses and brutally highlighting them by showing the Pokemon zapped by Pikachu in battle or actually getting booed, it does seem like the song ends in a relatively happy place. After all, the song is called “I Love Magikarp.” The song reminds us that even though it’s a bit of a worthless Pokemon, and quite a liability for trainers, we all have love for that goofy looking fish, right?

What do you think of Magikarp? Do you think the Pokemon is as worthless as everyone says? More importantly, if you speak Japanese, what does the rest of the song say? Tell us in the comments!

Image credit: Vonguard/ Flickr

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