Watch the Trailer for THE CONJURING Spin-off THE NUN with the Lights On

It was The Conjuring 2 that first introduced us to the terrifying nun/demon Valak, a creature that was incredibly frightening to look at, and which was made all the more terrifying in its stalking of  Vera Farmiga‘s character, Lorraine Warren. Much like the possessed doll Annabelle from the first Conjuring film, the nun was a creature that stood out and was impossible to forget after the final credits rolled on  The Conjuring 2, so it’s no surprise that Valak got its very own spin-off film, appropriately titled The Nun.

While details about what to expect in the movie are still sparse, the first teaser for The Nun has been released, and it looks so spectacularly scary. The Nun stars Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene, a nun who has been plagued with visions of another ghastly sister since childhood. When the church learns about Irene’s visions, she and a priest are sent to Romania to investigate the death of a young nun living in an abbey there.

The Nun is a spin-off of the second Conjuring film, the story itself takes place well before the events of the main two movies and the Annabelle films. As Valak is one of the evilest, most frightening characters that the franchise has introduced so far, we’re so excited to learn more about this terrifying entity, and how it came to be such a powerful force of evil. The trailer may lean in hard on the jump scares, we hope that the complex story of Valak lends to that same, can’t-look-away brand of excellent, engaging horror that we’ve come to expect from the Conjuring movies. 

You can learn the backstory for yourself when The Nun hits theaters on September 7. What do you think of the teaser for The Nun? Tell us what you thought in the comments!

Feature Image: Warner Bros.

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