THE MUNSTERS Opening Credits Get a Full Color Upgrade

Despite only running for two seasons from 1964-66, the classic television series The Munsters became a staple of American pop culture thanks to decades of re-runs in syndication. For those of you out there too young to have ever seen it, The Munsters was a black and white satire centered around an all-American sitcom family—who just so happened to be classic monsters from the Universal horror films of 1930’s and ’40s. Now a Munsters über-fan at  Pop Colorture has painstakingly recolored the opening credits to the original show, and it’s great.

The original pilot for The Munsters was shot in color, but when the show went to series, the studio opted for black and white instead (mostly for monetary reasons). Plus, in 1964 not that many homes had color televisions yet, and part of the appeal of the show was that it was a spoof of the old Universal monster movies—all of which were shot in black and white.Unlike colorizations of black and white films in the past, Pop Colorture has gone the extra mile, and the final results look pretty amazing. Although the show was shot in black and white, it was always the wish of the producers for the series to be in color, but they were limited by budget. Now you can see the entire The Munsters opening credits in their full color glory, wacky surf guitar and all, in the video above.

What do you think about the re-coloring? Let us know in the comments below!

HT: Pop Colorture

IMAGE: Universal Pictures

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