How Many Times Did They Say ‘This Is the Way’ in THE MANDALORIAN?

And we used to think they said “ I’ve got a bad feeling about this” a lot in Star Wars. Well, that phrase ain’t got nothin’ on The Mandalorian‘s favorite catchphrase, “This is the Way.” For a Mando who follows the creed, saying “This is the Way” happens as often as saying “Amen” for an Earth human in church. But how many times did characters say this over the course of three seasons of The Mandalorian, and one of The Book of Boba Fett? The folks at YouTube channel Auralnauts did the hard work for us to find out, and they put it to funky beat.

First off, we love the ’80s-style synth beats in this video. Everything sounds better with a little musical retro synth action. Secondly, we are shocked to learn that characters have said the phrase a whopping 222 times. Has anyone ever even said “May the Force be with you” that many times in the entirety of the Star Wars franchise? Maybe when you factor in The Clone Wars and Rebels, and not just the live-action films. Granted, The Mandalorian is a TV series with a lot of hours to its name. We were still a bit surprised at how high the number was.

Mandalorian holding Grogu in his ship

As for who said “This is the Way” the most times? It’s not surprising to learn that it was the Armorer. If the Mandalorian Covert has a high priest, then it’s her. But our lead character Din Djarin only said it 13 times across three and a half seasons. We suppose Din understands that you can wear out a catchphrase on a TV series pretty fast. It’s best to only say it when it matters. The Auralnauts have a ton of other similar fun Star Wars (and Star Trek) videos, so be sure to head on over to their channel and check them out.

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