The Magical Items of HARRY POTTER Get a Comprehensive, Elegant Poster

You know, even though the Firebolt was the fastest, top-of-the-line Quidditch broom out there, it didn’t quite have the style and elegance of the Nimbus 2000. It’s kind of like how even though a collapsing cauldron is both much easier to store and far more versatile than a classic standard cauldron, it doesn’t have as pleasing an aesthetic as the vintage model.Why are we suddenly musing on the merits of modern magical advancements at the expense of design for imaginary items? Because we can’t stop staring at and studying this beautiful poster of artifacts from the wizarding world of Harry Potter (click to enlarge). We first came across this elegantly designed poster at LaughingSquid, and it comes from one of our favorite art stores around, Pop Chart Lab. The poster has tons of items, both major and minor, from the magical world of J.K. Rowling, organized by category in a comprehensive but easy to follow print.”Magical Objects of the Wizarding World” is an official Harry Potter piece, because it was designed in conjunction with Pottermore, and features “studiously drawn illustrations and detailed annotations” to make sure the renderings are as accurate (and gorgeous) as possible.This is where I have to admit that regardless of how big a Harry Potter fan I am, some of these items are so minor that I can’t totally recall when they showed up in the story. As much as I would actually buy a globe of the moon for my desk, I wouldn’t bet my Muggle life on where it could be found in the books. (Best guess: Professor Trelawney’s classroom? Please don’t yell at me.)The 18×24 inch poster is available starting at $30.Just don’t expect them to send it to you via the Knight Bus, or through a Vanishing Cabinet, or (hold on, let me check the poster…), or Arthur Weasley’s Ford Anglia.What item on this poster would you want to own the most? Accio your thoughts into our comments section below.

Images: Warner Bros., Pop Chart Lab

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