THE LORD OF THE RINGS’ Soundtrack Goes Metal

Everyone who is anyone knows The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is perfect for basically anything. Studying? Perfect. Working? Perfect. Heading into battle with the weight of the universe on your shoulders? You guessed it, perfect. And now, YouTuber and musician Bradley Hall has taken this perfection to a different level and made it… Metal. This isn’t to say the metal version of LOTR‘s soundtrack is better than the original. We would never say that. But it does rock out loud.

Take a listen here.

Hall actually plays through the entire Lord of the Rings soundtrack, a feat in and of itself. And it gives all our beloved tracks a whole new sound. Although, honestly, metal or no metal, “ Concerning Hobbits” still makes us cry.

Hall shares:

Howard Shore’s music from the legendary Lord of the Rings movie trilogy captivated me ever since I first heard it way back in 2001. It was so epic, majestic, mystical…and pretty damn Metal! It was my hope that one day someone would make a full Metal version of the films, but alas that day never came.

So as a culmination of months of pandemic-induced boredom/frustration/madmess I plucked up the courage to finally do it myself! Several months later, I proudly present the entirety of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring presented as one giant Metal song! 🤘

We almost got a version of Lord of the Rings from The Beatles. But Hall is correct, no full metal version has graced us yet. Until now. But as Hall shares, The Lord of the Rings soundtrack feels metal in spirit already. This rendition just helps it fully awaken a part of it that we all could sense.

Frodo in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - the LOTR soundtrack was turned into a metal song
New Line Cinema

Hall also answers an important question about his work. In an FAQ-like section of his video’s description, Hall asks himself, “Is it the extended version?” And then answers, “Of course!” Obviously. It wouldn’t be very metal, otherwise. Additionally, Hall notes, the video should line up perfectly with the Blu-ray version of the movie. For anyone who wants to watch with a metal edge.

But unfortunately, the  LOTR soundtrack’s metal edition will contain only one volume. Because Hall says, he will never do another mix as long as this one again. A shame because The Return of the King was made for metal. But for now, we’ll content ourselves with the banger, “The Mirror Of Galadriel.”

Rock on, Frodo and Company. Rock on.

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