THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Releases a Ton of Awesome New LEGO Sets

While it seems obvious in hindsight that The LEGO Movie would be a toy-seller’s dream, there was still a question mark at the time of the movie’s release as to how big a dream it would be, and how all-in LEGO should go with making every single object seen onscreen. They ultimately covered a lot of it, but it took a couple of waves to get to, for example, any set featuring LEGO Batman.But for The LEGO Movie 2, they’re not fooling around, as—like the movie itself—the new sets cross into several LEGO sub-brands. Duplo, LEGO Movie Maker, Builder Boxes, and LEGO Friends will all be involved this time, though the Friends minifigs and bricks will be mixed in rather than having exclusive items, much as the characters interact onscreen.Those aliens from Planet Duplo that showed up in the last scene of the first movie will finally get an actual Duplo set, for kid siblings everywhere.And Master Builders can collect three character-specific sets of bricks designed to allow you to custom create your own things for Emmet, Lucy, and new character Queen Whatevra Wa-Nabi ( Tiffany Haddish), who is  a shape-shifter.Speaking of the queen, she arrives in her unicorn form as part of another set. Along with a giant banana, which will allow you to also reenact Don Hertzfeldt’s “Rejected,” if that’s a thing you’d do.Another significant new character is Rex Dangervest, also voiced by Chris Pratt, who’s a parody of most of Pratt’s other recent movie characters. So naturally he has a pet velociraptor.Unikitty fans who were afraid she might be stuck in post-apocalyptic, He-Man-esque “Ultrakatty” form need not worry; per at least one of these sets, she gets back to her usual sweetness:And she even parties with the LEGO Friends, because of course she would.Benny the spaceman, Metalbeard, and of course Batman are back as well.There’s also the Movie Maker set (pictured up top in our featured image) that allows kids big and small to use their smartphones to create stop-motion LEGO movies of their own. Puppetry rods are included to make adjusting poses much simpler. Given how long these movies go between sequels, maybe somebody who starts with the playset now will eventually get to direct part three or four some day.Oh, and does the laser pointer in this set, looking like it might be a secret connection to the Ninjago movie, imply that a certain “monster” from that film is back? Because that would be purrfect.Check out all of the new movie LEGO sets below. Are your fingers ready to build, and your feet steeled against stray pieces? Let us know in comments below.

Images: LEGO

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