THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: TEARS OF THE KINGDOM Meets Game Boy Color in Imaginative Commercial

Here at Nerdist, we spend a lot of time immersing ourselves in other worlds. Whether it’s the sprawling and scary apocalyptic settings of The Last of Us or the often delightful lush lands of Middle-earth, there are so many places to explore. But, sometimes we wonder about what our own world would be like in a parallel universe, perhaps. Maybe in that universe we’d live in the sky or it would stay forever 1995. For YouTube creatives Channy and Kimberly, another universe would include The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on Game Boy Color, which they showcase in their wildly fun commercial. This is the world that we all deserve to live in. 

The Studio Ghibli-style artwork, an adorable yet deadly Link, and those familiar retro sounds and sights make us want to watch this clip over and over. It also makes us kinda sad that we can’t get The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on Game Boy Color, which was discontinued in 2003.

an animated Link from Legend of Zelda in a fan made commercial for a Tears of the Kingdom Game Boy Color release
Channy and Kimberly/YouTube

But thankfully, we will all be able to save Hyrule on Nintendo Switch when the game drops on May 12. Until then, we can enjoy this trailer and maybe tune into some retro TV on this clever website.

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