Meet Dominic Monaghan’s Character in This LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA Clip

You never know who Vox Machina will run into next. The animated series based on Critical Role puts the adventuring, mischievous group front and center. And as the heroes investigate mysteries and go on adventures, they stumble into all kinds of characters. Also, they always find drama. Always. It’s a remarkable talent. Anyway! Nerdist has an exclusive clip from episode seven of The Legend of Vox Machina, “Scanbo,” featuring Archibald Desnay. None other than Dominic Monaghan (The Lord of the Rings, Lost) voices the character.

Archibald seems happy to see a de Rolo back in Whitestone. He all but agrees to help Percy rescue his sister Cassandra. Plus he seems optimistic about Whitestone becoming a livable town once again. The episode’s official synopsis says:

As Vox Machina discovers more about a revenge pact Percy made years ago, Keyleth tries to magically connect with the Sun Tree. She senses its pain as well as a dark force deep below the city of Whitestone. Feeling underappreciated, Scanlan volunteers to infiltrate Duke Vedmire’s mansion as a distraction while Vox Machina attempts to rescue Percy’s sister Cassandra.

I’m sure it will all go exactly to plan. Nothing ever goes wrong when Vox Machina crafts an intricate plot. And none of the members ever get distracted.

Archibald Desnay looks up at Percy de Rolo in The Legend of Vox Machina art
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Monaghan isn’t the only performer lending a voice to The Legend of Vox Machina for a guest role. The series has guest stars such as Tony Hale, David Tennant, Stephanie Beatriz, and many more. If you’re wondering about those voices and more Easter eggs, be sure to to watch Dan Casey break down all the details on Nerdist News.

New episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina arrive on Prime Video on Fridays.

Amy Ratcliffe is the Managing Editor for Nerdist and the author of A Kid’s Guide to Fandom, available now. Follow her on  Twitter and Instagram.

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