Rian Johnson Previews THE LAST JEDI Deleted Scenes

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Blu-ray is hitting stores in late March, and it’s coming with 14 (!) deleted scenes. When I learned we’d be getting so much extra content, I was thrilled because I am greedy, greedy fan. What if we get more Phasma? What if we see more of the Caretakers? Rey was quite rude to them, and I want to see them yell at her for being a brat. I want it all. And I know some of my deleted scene wishes will come true because Episode VIII director and writer Rian Johnson talked to Entertainment Weekly (EW) about what five of the cut scenes will include.

Johnson told EW the scenes were left out in order to make the movie stronger as a whole, not because they’re not worthy. In fact, the ones he describe all sound fantastic. To summarize: one scene includes BB-8 showing Finn when Rey said goodbye to him on D’Qar, another depicts Rey witnessing raiders attacking one of the Caretakers’ villages, a third takes the time to highlight Luke mourning for Han, another features more of Rose and Finn sneaking around the Supremacy in their First Order disguises, and finally, one of the deleted scenes gives us a different, longer showdown with Phasma.

I’m here for more Phasma.

Learn more details about the scenes from Johnson at EW. The Last Jedi Blu-ray will be out on March 27.What scene are you most looking forward to seeing when you get the Blu-ray? Share it in the comments.

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