Fan Cosplays as Frozone to Watch THE INCREDIBLES 2

Considering the insane box office numbers that Pixar’s  The Incredibles 2 racked up this past weekend (it was the biggest animated film debut ever at $183 million), chances are a lot of you out there have already seen the return of the super-heroic Parr family on the big screen. Fans had waited 14 years to see a sequel to one of the best super hero movies ever made, and it did not disappoint.

But along with Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and scene stealer Jack-Jack, another fan favorite from the first film also made a welcome return in the sequel: the ice powered Frozone, once again voice by the great Samuel L. Jackson. During a screening of the film this weekend, a fan showed his loyalty to the frosty Super, by appearing if full Frozone cosplay to a screening of the film. You can see “Frozone’s” grand entrance above.

The Incredibles’ fan’s line of “Where’s my super suit?” is of course a reference to a scene from the original film, where Frozone sneaks out to do some (extremely illegal) super-heroing, all against the wishes of his off screen wife Honey. We never see what she looks like, either in this movie or in the original film, but maybe she’ll make her first on-screen appearance in the inevitable third Incredibles movie? I’m kind of hoping she’s a super, too!

What do you make of this fan’s Incredible enthusiasm? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Pixar / Disney

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