THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNIE (AND BERT) Is the Best Book for Your Bestest Buddy

No duo of best friends are more iconic and lovable than Bert and Ernie. Maybe you and your BFF come close–please forgive us for being skeptical—but Bert and Ernie are basically the perfect pair. Sure, they’re complete opposites in just about every way, but that’s what makes them the bestest of best buddies.

Bert and Ernie have their own book coming this September called The Importance of Being Ernie (and Bert). Designed for grown-ups, it gives some tips on cultivating your own friendships. Pick up the book along with a rubber duckie, and you’ve got the greatest gift ever for your BFF.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNIE (AND BERT) Is the Best Book for Your Bestest Buddy_1

This might be one of the happiest books you’ll ever pick up. You’ll discover if you’re a Bert or an Ernie—a starry-eyed daydreamer or an endlessly practical planner, messy or organized, a socialite or a loner—or a little bit of both. Each flip of the page reveals more about the joy of being an Ernie or a Bert, with the message that no matter which one you are, your best buddy will always be there for you.

The Importance of Being Ernie (or Bert) is just the latest in a series of books that readers of any age will love, whether you’re four or 40. Cookie Monster’s The Joy of Cookies and Oscar the Grouch’s The Pursuit of Grouchiness are also written from the point of view of their respective monsters with all of their personality. Cookie Monster even stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert earlier this year to share a few cookie crumbs of wisdom.

You’ll find all three of these books at your favorite bookstore. Pick them up as the perfect present for the holidays now (or any time at all) to show your best buddy how much they mean to you.

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