THE HEART HUNTER Is Here to Kill Your Soulmate

Most everyone has heard about wearing your heart on your sleeve. But what if your heart was literally outside your body? That’s part of the story in Legendary Comics‘ upcoming original graphic novel The Heart Hunter. Writer Mickey George and artist V. Gagnon are behind the tale of Psyche, a Heart Hunter working for the king. And Nerdist has your first look at the striking, fierce cover:

The Heart Hunter cover

Legendary Comics

So… no one wants to be on the other end of Psyche’s arrow.

The Heart Hunter is set on the island of Envecor. There, everyone wears their hearts on the outside of their bodies. Each person who calls the island home lives forever, never changing until they find their soulmate. Then things do change. Paired soul mates leave the curse of immortality behind. They can have children, they can grow old, and they can leave Envecor. But not everyone is ready to become mortal.

Some immortals pay Heart Hunters to locate and kill their soulmates. Without their other half, they can remain immortal forever. In this graphic novel, the king hires Psyche to take out his soul mate so he may continue his infinite life. Psyche brings her own baggage to the quest, repairing her own broken heart and learning to live again.

And as we can see on the cover, she’s also doing this while carrying a rather intense weapon. An intense but gorgeous weapon. Gagnon’s design of the bow and arrow incorporates veins and anatomy of the all important heart. But they make it elegant and fantastical instead of gory. We can’t wait to read George’s story and see more of Gagnon’s art.

The Heart Hunter will be available in bookshops and online on August 3, 2021. You can pre-order the book now.

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