Clip from New THE GOOD PLACE Podcast Explores the Casts’ Kissing History (Exclusive)

If you love The Good Place but aren’t listening to the show’s official podcast hosted by Marc Evan Jackson, who plays head demon Shawn on the show, you’re basically living a Mindy St. Claire existence–your life is okay, but it could be so much more Bonzer. Because as this exclusive clip from the next episode reveals, sometimes the real-life stories behind the show are just as fascinating as what we see on screen, including when two characters share a smooch.In this week’s episode, Chapter 29, new cast member Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who plays Simone, the charming and brilliant love interest of William Jackson Harper’s Chidi, tells what it was like filming their seemingly awkward kiss in the season three premiere. But not before her and Marc Evan Jackson went through the unexpected real-life kiss totals of some of their fellow actors. We’re betting we’re not the only ones wishing we had our very own Janet right now to tell us exactly how many people we’ve puckered up with in our lives, though we’re pretty sure the number of people we’ve kissed while a student was trying to tell us their grandmother just died is “zero.”We can’t wait to hear the rest of the episode when it posts early Friday morning, because in addition to talking about Kirby’s audition for the show and her improv background, writer Dan Schofield also joins the show to discuss how the writers’ room named Simone, Adam Scott’s return as the despicable demon Trevor, and more.And to think, poor Mindy St. Claire probably doesn’t even get The Good Place Podcast. What are you hoping to learn about the season three premiere from this episode? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: Jennifer Strauss/NBC

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