Ranking Janet’s Best Reboot Outfits on THE GOOD PLACE

NBC’s The Good Place has been celebrated for its cerebral humor, creative premise, and outstanding performances. But one aspect of The Good Place that must be recognized is its costuming. Specifically – Janet’s perfectly coordinated style, which is kept in tact over every single reboot of The Good Place’s reality. Without further ado – we present a ranking of Janet’s best Good Place reboot outfits.

12. Factory Janet (all white outfit)

We catch a glimpse of this outfit when Michael is picking up a new Janet, later in Season 2. This look is as much of a visual clean slate as it gets for Janet, but the tailoring and accessories still make it very much her trademark: bow tie, vest, and skirt included.

11. Daveed Diggs brown vest

In the second episode of Season 2, there is a quick montage of Janet deaths. And while I don’t care for the brown vest, the joke of Janet pleading with Michael because she has Hamilton tickets and “there’s a rumor Daveed Diggs might be coming back” is hilarious and truly 2017.

10. “Jeannette”

Janet gets a little bit of a revamp when Michael is going through an existential crisis, so he asks her to change her appearance. As is typical of Janet’s attire, the cut of the dress is great, but the color is pretty awful. Not a fan of the peach!

9. Michigan Janet

This isn’t technically a rebooted outfit – this is just one of the effects of Eleanor in The Good Place, but I had to mention it. I am a big fan of blue and gold on principle (for hockey related reasons) and my sister went to Michigan for undergrad. I know it’s supposed to be horrible, but this is a fun print! The shoes are also perfect and I want them for my own closet.

8. Purple “I’m pregnant” vest

Another one of the reboot montage outfits, the lavender vest/skirt is a really pretty, soft combo.

7. Green “My birds” getup 

See above, and I like that the pattern on the shirt is somewhat evocative of the birds she’s lying about having to take care of. This isn’t my favorite of Janet’s green getups, but it’s a nice change of pace.

6. First Reboot Janet

This is the first time Janet gets a different outfit in the series, and I really like both the deep contrast and the change in cut of the shirt. It’s crisp, clean, and bold – just like Janet.

5. “Pilot” Janet

Janet wears this outfit in future reboots as well, but this is her most frequent ensemble, and I get why: the colors are very flattering, the cuts are outstanding, and the print on the blouse is fun: it’s a truly iconic look and the outfit somehow perfectly represents Janet’s non-human, Uncanny Valley schtick.

4. Wedding Janet

I think this dress is prettier than it needed to be, for a one scene gag. The lace and embroidery are very delicate and pretty, and the off-the-shoulder top is timeless. Janet, you look fab, even if this marriage didn’t exactly work out.

3. Day 2 Blues Janet 

We see Janet in this getup in the second day of Michael’s new attempts at running the neighborhood. It’s very springy, it’s cute, not overpowering, and somewhat soothing. I dig!

2. Bad Janet

While also not technically a rebooted outfit, Bad Janet should be on everyone’s vision board for a perfect, trashy night out look. That leather jacket. Those pants. That hair. It’s perfect in its badness, in its sexiness, and in its stark contrast to Good Janet. I adore this look.

1. Green polka dots (post-reveal Janet)

We don’t see Janet in too many prints throughout the reboots, even though her standard outfit has the printed blouse, but I really enjoy this green number. It’s the first Janet outfit we get to see after Eleanor has figured out she’s actually in the Bad Place, and I think the outfit’s brightness conveys hope to both the heroine and the audience. Plus, I love a good polka dot, and this one is excellent.

But tell us: what is your favorite Janet look? What Good Place character do you relate to the most? Let’s discuss!

Image: NBC

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