THE GOOD PLACE Chrome Extension Is Forking Awesome

Chrome is my default browser but I rarely make the most of everything it has to offer. That all changed when I caught wind of NBC’s latest brilliant marketing move, a Chrome extension themed around The Good Place.

When you open a new window or tab after installing the extension, you’ll be notified where you’ve ended up. So far, I’ve found myself in the Good Place, the Bad Place, and back on Earth. Each location features weather and schedule widgets. (At the moment, it’s raining scorpions and 200 degrees Fahrenheit in the Bad Place, and I’m supposed to attend a party at Tahani’s tonight in the Good Place.)

In addition to the home pages, which I can’t seem to stop scrolling through, the extension transforms some existing sites. On YouTube, the upvote/downvote options are replaced with a choice between the Good Place or the Bad Place. YouTube and Google searches transform into Ask Janet searches. (I’m particularly enamored with the basic Google search page’s transformation into The Google Place. Hi there, Janet!) In-text obscenities are replaced with “inoffensive Good Place language” across the web.

To me, the final feature is the most surprising: a productivity reminder. Under the guise of “Joy of Missing Out,” the feature reminds you to step away from your device after a specific period of time: half an hour, an hour, or two hours. I’m not enough of a screen addict that I’ve ever used a productivity app, but if the need did arise, I’d be happy to have it accompanied by all my favorite Bad Place occupants.

I hadn’t installed a new Chrome extension in years, and I’m glad I broke my streak with this one. It’s getting me psyched for the September 27 return of my most beloved comedy on TV right now, and I’m seeing “bench” in place of one of the words I like hearing least. How forkin’ cool is that?

Which curse word will you miss the most? Let us know in the comments!

Images: NBC, Google Chrome

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