Castle From the GODFATHER Trilogy on Sale for 6.9 Million

Paramount Pictures isn’t the only one cashing in on the upcoming 50th anniversary of The Godfather. Fans everywhere will soon be able to take home an all-new, fully restored 4K Ultra HD box set of Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy. But a single fan will soon be able to call one of the franchise’s most luxurious filming locales home. A Sicilian castle used in The Godfather: Part III has hit the market. You’ll just need $6.9 million dollars to buy it.

The front of a Sicilian castle seen in The Godfather: Part III
Italy Sotheby’s International Realty

The owners of the fully-intact 19th-century castle along Sicily’s Ionian coast in that Catania region have put the sprawling home on the market. (With a listing from Italy Sotheby’s International Realty we first learned about at DesignTAXI.) The hefty asking price of €6 million equals almost $7 million U.S.

All that money will get you a whole lot of house. The property comes in at a massive 43,055 square feet. Some of its many features include a grand marble staircase, three adjoining buildings, and a park. And with 22 rooms, you’ll have plenty of spots to get away and relax or hide from your own family. The castle boasts such amenities as a private chapel, a library, and a wine cellar. The buyer also gets to keep the commissioned art adorning the chapel’s walls.

A grand marble staircase in a Sicilian castle used in The Gidfather: Part III
Italy Sotheby’s International Realty

Movie lovers will also be getting a locale seen in one of Hollywood’s most enduring franchises. The castle appeared in the third and final film of The Godfather trilogy. The movie is the only one of the three that did not win Best Picture. (It still earned a nom for the big award though. And its seven nominations included one for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration.) But it remains an important film historically, as it brought Michael Corleone’s story to an end.

For a cool $6.9 million you can buy something few others can. You can walk around your Godfather castle doing your best Al Pacino impression. Any time you want you can yell, “Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in!” And really, you can’t put a price tag on that.

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