Somehow there are only two episodes left of Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, despite the show still having so many issues left to resolve. Who is the Power Broker? Will anyone stop the Flag-Smashers? Can Sam reclaim the Captain America mantle Steve Rogers wanted him to have? And what will happen to both Zemo and Sharon Carter? It’s a lot to address without a lot of time. Especially since John Walker just turned himself into an unstable super soldier who uses his shield to murder people. Now we at least have some clue about how his time as Cap might end.  A new show promo teases a big fight between Bucky, Sam, and Walker.

Marvel’s mid-season (technically two thirds of a season) teaser mostly features previously released footage. But there are some tantalizing new clips and audio from the final two episodes. The current Captain America fights the Flag-Smashers during a nighttime battle. Bucky is involved too, which includes him turning a motorcycle into a slingshot. The anti-government group still has at least one major fight left. Though we won’t be surprised to see them engaged in multiples battles over the final two episodes.

There’s also a quick shot of Wyatt Russell’s John Walker, out of costume, confidently saying he is Captain America. Reports point to this moment taking place in a courthouse, which could re-create a famous scene from the comics when he goes on trial. That makes sense, considering he just publicly executed someone. And all of it takes place over Sam’s narration. He won’t stop defending his country. No matter who might want him to to give up.

John Walker kneels in front of his bloody Captain America shield in Marvel's The falcon and the Winter SoldierMarvel

But it’s all prelude for the final sequences of the promo. Sam and Bucky confront an angry, crestfallen Walker in an empty warehouse. He’s still holding his bloody shield. They’ve come not just for him, but for that vibranium symbol. “You don’t want to do this,” says Walker.

“Yeah. We do,” answers Bucky. Will the three of them come to blows? Or will Sam be able to talk everyone off the ledge? It’s one of the many, many questions the show still has to answer. We just can’t believe they’re going to give them to all of us in just two episodes.

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