The Ending To This Game Was The Beginning of A Bigger Mystery

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Have you played the game Oxenfree yet? If you haven’t, you definitely need to remedy that. The entire game is a mix of a horror adventure, an episode of LOST in its heyday, and maybe that weird feeling when you’re coming off of meds after getting your wisdom teeth pulled. The basic premise of the game is centered around a group of teens who travel to an old military island and inadvertently open up a ghostly rift. It’s up to you to decide everything that happens in the game, and you decide the action of the game’s main character, Alex.

The game is trippy, scary, and loads of fun, but one of the CRAZIEST parts of the game is its ending. If you’ve not yet played through the entire game, you might want to turn back now because we’re gonna talk about the game’s ending and ALL the spoilers–you have been warned!

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Okay, so if you’ve played through the game, you already know the CRAZY ending of the game that essentially tells us Alex and all of her friends are stuck in a loop on the island. Regardless of how you play and how the game ends for you, Alex is stuck. Crazy, right?

Not only that, but the game is apparently filled to bursting with loads of secret messages that lead you to various phone numbers, Twitter accounts, and messages hidden in Morse Code. Youtuber Jesse Cox kind of fell down a rabbit hole of solving all the mysteries behind Oxenfree, and it turns out you could probably spend the rest of your life solving everything the game had to offer. You can jump into the mystery yourself by checking out this handy document with all of the clues and mysteries organized for you.

In the upcoming console release, the developers behind the game will hopefully release a true ending to answer all of those nagging questions and finally get you off the island. Check it out the trailer, as well as some of the craziness Jesse uncovered:

Sounds awesome, right? Oxenfree hits the PS4 on May 31st with new features and maybe that true ending that we keep searching for.  And fret not, if you’ve already bought the game on Xbox or PC, you’ll get the extension that same day for free.

Have you played Oxenfree? What are some of the craziest things you’ve uncovered by the game? Are you excited about the extension? How do you think the game will REALLY end? Tell me all your Oxenfree thoughts in the comments!

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