Vecna Wants You to Buy the Creel House From STRANGER THINGS 4

Stranger Things 4 left fans reeling with the wild events surrounding our fave crew and the Creel family. The show is known for its classic locations like the Hawkins Laboratory and downtown Hawkins itself, which is actually in Jackson, GA, near Atlanta, where a ton of filming takes place. This season, that big location was the Creel House. We saw everything from its dilapidated remains in present-day Hawkins (and the Upside Down) to what it looked like when Henry Creel first went full evil. Until now, fans could only check out its exterior and maybe snap a quick photo in front of it. But if someone has enough cash, they can make Vecna’s house their own. That’s right, the Creel House from Stranger Things 4 is for sale.  (Thanks to Daily Mail for sharing this creepy news.)

creel family moving into house on stranger things 4

The 140-year-old Creel House (real name: the Claremont House) is in the quiet town of Rome, Georgia. Many of the rooms look quite familiar even though the décor is much different on the show. It’s a spacious enough place for your entire Hellfire Club to take over with pizza and D&D. According to the listing, the Creel House is a whopping 6,000 square feet with seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. And, as far as we can tell, there are no signs of pure evil lurking within its walls.

The unidentified previous owners are really hitting one heck of a come-up with sale. They purchased it back in 2019 for a mere $350,000 and did a full restoration on the property. Of course, Netflix came knocking not too long later to turn it into Vecna’s house of horrors. And now the Creel House is for sale for a cool $1.5 million or maybe even more, depending on which Stranger Things fan has the most cash.

Of course, there are pros and cons to having a famous horror house like the Creel House. If you live there, you’ll have to deal with random people trying to invade your property for photos. But you can perhaps not live there and do fun things with it, like tours or Airbnb rentals. The owner of Stu Macher’s house did for Scream fans and, well, I ain’t mad at them for it. 

So, if you are in the market for a major piece of Stranger Things 4 history, then put your offer in for the Creel House while it is still for sale. Just be sure to keep your Walkman close.

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