THE COMPLEX Is An Interactive Sci-Fi Saga Made For Gamers

Interactive TV and films are an incredible way to put viewers in the driver’s seat and make them responsible for the narratives they experience. Black Mirror caused a major wave with Bandersnatch, its twisty throwback film infused with sci-fi and horror elements. Now, Wales Interactive, a live-action video game publisher, is taking this concept to another level with The Complex, according to IGN. The live-action, interactive film will follow the fallout from biological warfare in London. The Complex is written by Lynn Renee Maxcy (The Handmaid’s Tale) and stars Michelle Mylett (Bad Blood) and Katie Dickie (Game of Thrones).

The film’s primary character is Dr. Amy Tenant, a nano-scientist who is trapped in a lab alongside a few colleagues. There’s a dangerous secret within those walls and Dr. Tenant will presumably have to make some tough calls to restore some semblance of order in the world. The Complex will allow viewers to make choices that eventually lead to one of eight endings. So yes, that means you can spend a ton of time figuring out all of the possibilities for the final story.

However, Wales Interactive says the difference with this film is that it actually studies your relationships with other characters and personality traits revealed in your decisions, which will influence how the story plays out. The way you (as Dr. Tenant) interacts with others has a specific affect on how certain scenes will transpire.

The Complex interactive film

Ben Tester/Wales Interactive

The Complex recently released a trailer via IGN to give more insight on its basic story. It starts off with Dr. Tenant talking about her team’s work with other scientists. She’s doubted by a lot of her peers and the viewer is asked to make a decision—engage or dismiss. Dr. Tenant then asks them to trust her despite her age. Things suddenly go awry when a co-worker tells her that there’s something happening right now.

A person who appears to be a test subject starts convulsing and a woman is later seen on a subway with blood dripping from her eyes. The trailer begins to question who will live, who will die, and which choices the viewer will make.

The complex movie

Ben Tester/Wales Interactive

Dr. Tenant holds a single vial while two women are on the brink of death and the choice is again in the hands of the viewer to save only one person. The clip ends with several people fighting and a hint that someone may sacrifice themselves to save millions. It’s a pretty interesting setup that will probably lead to mayhem no matter what decisions are made.

This film is also interesting because it is designed for both PC and popular gaming systems like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So, it’s similar to an adventure game like The Walking Dead’s Telltale adventures with the player making choices that really personalize their journey.

The Complex is slated for a March 31 release, so prepare to lose hours (maybe days) trying to figure out if there’s a way to help Dr. Tenant correct whatever mayhem is going on in her universe.

Header Image: Ben Tester/Wales Interactive

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