The BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH Movie Drops a Very Trippy Trailer

With its latest holiday season release, titled “Bandersnatch,” Black Mirror is not only upping the ante on its runtime (the episode is touted as “feature length”), but apparently on the head-trip factor as well. And if you’ve ever seen an episode of Black Mirror—which you probably have, given that your very life has devolved into a new age sci-fi nightmare controlled by technology, so you’ve probably done your share of streaming—you realize that getting even more trippy is no mean feat. But here we are, with a proper look at Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which borrows not just its title but its twisted vibe from the imagination of Lewis Carroll. Take a look at the trailer, which the series dropped on Twitter on Thursday morning:

The premise, as detailed in the above video, follows a mid-’80s video game designer who descends deeper and deeper into madness when given the assignment to adapt a game from the famous (fictional) novel Bandersnatch, which evidently drove its very author mad as well. The trailer hints at eerily vivid dreams, hallucinations, and uncontrollable thoughts haunting our main character (who will be played by Fionn Whitehead), and tosses in some eerie Carroll-friendly imagery like mirrors that beckon you into their margins. And when set to the unsettling rhythms of “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, it all makes for quite the shudder-worthy look at Black Mirror‘s next outing.Black Mirror: Bandersnatch hits Netflix on Friday, December 28.

Image: Netflix

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