GEN V Trailer Reveals Sinister Woods and Evil Experiments at Godolkin University

Is God U the right place for you? Sure, if you’re a young supe with hopes of making it into the Seven. That’s what The Boys‘ spinoff series Gen V will explore when class begins session on September 29. It’s almost time to begin our freshman year alongside Marie Moreau, Andre Anderson, Little Cricket, Golden Boy, and a slate of college superheroes and characters at Godolkin University. We know that this institution for higher learning isn’t what it seems and, if you’re a comic book fan, there’s a pretty disturbing arc that this The Boys show will draw inspiration from. A new Gen V trailer dives into the bloody dark side of God U, and, well, it is indeed f**ked up. 

In the Gen V trailer, Marie is hype about being at God U for her freshman year. She quickly meets a few new faces, including the very handsome Andre. (We love the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reunion here.) Speaking of Andre, whose father is a famous supe, he knows something dark and can’t talk about it. As confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, we also meet Derek Wilson’s Tek Knight in this Gen V trailer. This is pretty shocking considering many people thought Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be Tek Knight in The Boys season four, but he is not. There’s also Sam, a weird dude who can flip cars and refuses to go “back to the woods,” where something is happening that could cause a catastrophic problem.

a tiny supe crawls out of a man's ear in Gen V trailer
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A puppet (possibly with powers?) is in the mix in the Gen V trailer. Sick experiments are going down in the depths of God U. Little Cricket pulls a Termite (but less gross) and takes a trip through someone’s head, coming out of their ear. And there’s blood …a lot of blood. But we’d expect nothing less from a trailer for a The Boys spinoff series—good job, Gen V. There are also evil people at the school, and Marie tells her crew that they need to make things right. We will have to wait and see how this crew of young heroes will save the day. 

The Gen V trailer mixes in a few familiar faces from The Boys, including Victoria Neuman, Vought leader Ashely Barrett, Sean Patrick Thomas’ Polarity, and the not-so-great film legend Adam Bourke. He’s probably already making plans to turn these events into a flick full of lies. You gotta love The Boys universe and all of its twisted shenanigans.

Originally published September 6, 2023.

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