Here’s Every New Character We Will Meet in THE BOYS Spinoff GEN V

Class is about to be in session for Godolkin University students. The Boys spinoff Gen V is giving us more supe action combined with the oft-brash stupidity and hyper-competitive nature of college age folks. No one under the age of 21 should have all that power, tbh. Thanks to Prime Video, we finally have a final roster for all the major characters who will appear in Gen V’s upcoming season. Some of them are students fighting for a coveted spot with the Seven, while others are somehow trying to wrangle superpowered young adults. Here are all the new characters we will meet in Gen V when The Boys‘ spinoff releases in September. 

Gen V New Characters collage with three characters Jordan Li, Marie Moreau, and Golden Boy
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Who Are The Boys Spinoff Gen V’s Main Characters?

Godolkin University Student Supes 

Obviously, this series will center on Godolkin students. Let’s meet our new supes. 

Marie Moreau, Gen V’s Main Character

Marie in Gen V trailer with bloody tentacles coming out of her hands
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Anyone who has seen a Gen V trailer or paid close attention to The Boys is familiar with Marie. She’s the show’s primary protagonist, an 18-year-old superhero with the power to control and weaponize her own blood. As an incoming freshman at Vought-run Godolkin University in Gen V, Marie Moreau is eager to prove she has what it takes to join The Seven, but is sidetracked by a mystery she begins to unravel at the school.

Played By: The character of Marie Moreau is played by Jaz Sinclair in Gen V.

Andre Anderson 

Chance Perdomo as Andre Anderson character in boys spinoff gen v
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Andre is a junior at Godolkin University—and this Gen V character has magnetic powers. He’s Golden Boy’s best friend and the son of famous superhero, Polarity; Andre has big shoes to fill as he’s set to take over the Polarity name once his dad retires. When Andre realizes that something is afoot at the school, he takes it into his own hands to try and figure out the mystery.

Played by: The character of Andre Anderson is played by Chance Perdomo in Gen V.

Emma Meyer (Also known as Little Cricket)

Emma Meyer superhero in Gen V new character
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On Gen V, Emma is also known by her superhero name, Little Cricket, thanks to her ability to get super small. Though insecure and naive, which often leaves her in compromising positions, she becomes close friends with her freshman roommate, Marie, and together they navigate the mysterious dangers at Godolkin University.

Played by: The character of Emma Meyer is played by Lizze Broadway on Gen V.

Cate Dunlap 

Cate Dunlap is a junior at Godolkin University who is good friends with Jordan and Andre. On Gen V, the character of Cate has the power to push people to do anything she commands using the touch of her hands, which she uses to her advantage. Powerful and confident, she’s also Luke’s girlfriend, making her one of the most popular supes on campus.

Played by: The character of Cate Dunlap is played by Maddie Phillips in Gen V.

Jordan Li

Jordan Li character from Gen V in both of their forms
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Jordan is a competitive student at Godolkin University who will do anything to get to the top. They have a unique ability of changing between male and female forms, through which different powers manifest— the man is dense and indestructible, while the woman is agile and can launch energy blasts. Their distinct sets of powers make them a standout TA at Brink’s School of Crime Fighting.

Played by: The character of Jordan Li is played by London Thor and Derek Luh on Gen V.

Luke Riordan (Also known as Golden Boy)

Golden Boy Gen V college supe new character with glowing eyes
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Luke Riordan is a Gen V character also known by his superhero name, Golden Boy, on The Boys spinoff show. This is because of his power to light his entire body on fire. He is a senior at Godolkin University and is in the top rank, having the brightest prospects of joining The Seven.

Played by: The character of Luke Riordan/Golden Boy is played by Patrick Schwarzenegger on Gen V.

Godolkin University Staff, Parents, and Other Gen V Characters

What’s a college supe story without alumni, professors, and other miscellaneous people?! Here are the main Gen V characters who are not college students. 


The supe known as Polarity is Andre’s father and a largely celebrated Godolkin University alumnus and trustee. Polarity expects his son to follow in his footsteps by taking over the Polarity name when he retires. He believes Andre is destined for The Seven and will stop at nothing to make his dream become reality.

Played by: The character of Polarity is played by Sean Patrick Thomas on Gen V.

Professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff 

Clancy Brown as new Gen V character professor brink
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This Gen V character is a renowned professor of crime fighting at Godolkin University who taught superheroes such as A-Train, Queen Maeve, and The Deep. He is dedicated to finding the top new talent at Godolkin University to join The Seven, and believes Golden Boy has what it takes to be next.

Played by: The character of Professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff is played by Clancy Brown.

Dr. Edison Cardosa 

Dr. Edison Cardosa is a gifted doctor with ties to Godolkin University. Hmmm.

Played by: The character of Dr. Edison Cardosa is played by Marco Pigossi on Gen V.

Indira Shetty

Indira Shetty Gen V character chats with Marie Moreau
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Indira Shetty is the dean of Godolkin University. She doesn’t have powers, but her background in superhero psychology and her peerless ability to analyze what makes supes tick make her indispensable to the school. Her goal is to transform Godolkin University into the most elite college for supes and she takes a special interest in Marie when she arrives on campus.

Played by: The character of Indira Shetty is played by Shelley Conn on Gen V.


Sam is a troubled supe who is desperately trying to escape his unfortunate circumstances. He’s extremely powerful, with super strength and invulnerability. Despite having a good heart, this Gen V character is plagued by his hallucinations, which sometimes make it hard for him to discern between what is—and is not—reality.

Played by: The character of Sam is played by Asa Germann on Gen V.

Of course, we will also see The Boys characters like A-Train, Vought’s Ashley Barrett, Victoria Neuman, and (terrible) filmmaker Adam Bourke cross over to Gen V. They will give the show more of a tie to the main series, but there’s a lot of exciting stuff to explore with these new characters. 

Gen V will hit Prime Video on September 29 with its first three episodes followed by weekly Friday releases.

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