THE BOYS’ Soldier Boy PSA Offers a Twist on the Captain America Meme

So, you love superheroes? Well, then you probably know all about the infamous Captain America PSA meme. Yes, the one that stems from a delightful series of videos captured for the MCU’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Well, those videos bring us some wholesome fun. In Marvel’s heroic PSAs, Cap warns you about the dangers of detention and… tooth decay… And reminds you to have a hot lunch. But now, a different kind of hero wants to get in all the excitement of really helping out today’s youth. We’re afraid he’s not as sincere as Steve Rogers, though. Check out this PSA from The Boys‘ iconic Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles.

Yep. That’s a face you can trust. Soldier Boy’s PSA, released by Vought International, is clearly from the heart. And he’s reminding us to just say no to drugs, D.A.R.E. style. But even during his attempt at professionalism, he can’t help but slip in that anyone who takes drugs “is a loser.” Cap would never.

But we’re not in Cap-land anymore. And a behind-the-scenes look reveals what Soldier Boy is really thinking as he performs this The Boys PSA.

Five seconds in and he’s swearing, and swearing, and swearing. And he’s a real diva, too. Soldier Boy’s answer to tooth decay seems like it’s to gargle… with whiskey. So, you want to know the truth about Soldier Boy? It’s not very pretty. And we have a feeling it’s only going to get worse, especially when The Boys season three releases with brand new chaotic content.

Captain America Meme and Soldier Boy PSA for The Boys season three
Marvel Studios/Prime Video

In the meanwhile, we’ll absolutely enjoy this glimpse into the messy hero. And we’ll do a little compare and contrast between Soldier Boys’ PSA and Captain America’s many helpful reminders.

We don’t know what would happen if Steve Rogers and Soldier Boy ever met up for a PSA-off. But we’re not sure our screens could take it.

The Boys season three premieres on June 3.

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