Here’s Our First Look at THE BOYS’ Stan Lee Character

Fans have long speculated that this character wouldn’t be making an appearance in The Boys‘ universe. But now we know that The Legend will indeed make his first on-screen appearance in season three of The Boys. Because honestly, is there anything The Boys won’t do? The Legend is a fan-favorite The Boys comic character who seems to be a parody of Marvel’s Stan Lee.

The Legend will appear on The Boys this character is a version of Marvel's Stan Lee
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A release from Prime Video shares, “Paul Reiser guest stars on The Boys as The Legend, an iconic fan-favorite character from the original comic book series. Reiser will be introduced as The Legend in this week’s episode titled ‘The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies.'”

That’s not much about the character. However, The Boys fans know that this means some good (read: messy) things are in store for the audience. In the comics, the Legend initially worked for Vought, writing comic books to establish the Supes’ heroism, hence the Stan Lee parallels. But over time, he becomes an informant for The Boys’ team.

Basically, The Legend is someone who knows way more about the supes than he should in The Boys‘ universe, and he’s not afraid to use the knowledge. And we support that. But… he’s also a man with quite the sexual appetite, to put it nicely. And we know The Boys doesn’t shy away from depicting something like that. So we’re expecting… the worst, shall we say. But, we always do that when it comes to The Boys. We bet The Legend’s appearance will be, shall we say, completely legendary. So we’re already getting ready to hide our eyes behind our hands.

The Legend joins The Boys universe in episode five of season three. We don’t know how many episodes he’ll appear in yet, but we’re sure he’ll be completely memorable.

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