THE BOYS Adds Rosemarie Dewitt to Cast as Hughie’s Mom

No one is ever safe on The Boys. Not when the world’s most powerful Supe is a sociopath with a taste for blood. That’s why we never know who will survive and who will get swallowed up like Timothy. But it won’t be all death and farewells when the Prime Video series returns. In season four, the show will finally introduce a character we’ve only ever heard referenced before. And like most things on the series, it won’t make Hughie’s life any easier. Rosemarie Dewitt is joining the show as the mom who left Hughie and his dad long ago.

 A headshot of Rosemarie DeWitt and an inage of Jack Quad as Hughie on The Boys
Prime Video

Prime Video has announced Dewitt (Rachel Getting Married, The Estate) will get in on the gory superhero fun. She’ll star as Hughie’s mom, a character only known for leaving behind her family. Because we’re familiar with the concept of Chekhov’s Gun, we’ve always suspected we’d meet her one day. Especially because her departure was a seminal moment in Hughie’s life that still impacts him. But why she left and why she is finally returning now remain a mystery.

Hughie’s mom isn’t the only parent Hughie will see in season four. Simon Pegg will also return to the show as his dad/Dewitt’s ex-husband. Fellow newcomers Rob Benedict (Supernatural) and Elliot Knight (Animal Kingdom) will also join them as series regulars in still unannounced roles. They’re the latest editions to season four—currently in production in Toronto—which will also include new Supes Susan Heyward (Sister Sage) and Valorie Curry (Firecracker), as well as Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

At this point we assume any and all new characters will mean more trouble for poor Hughie Campbell. But the return of his mother, under any circumstances (can’t rule out her being take as a hostage), has the potential to upend his life in a way not seen since the death of his girlfriend Robin in the show’s first scene.

Bad news for him, but good news for us. The Boys is always better when Hughie’s life is a disaster. But hey, maybe him and his mom will see a Billy Joel concert together and make things better…right until something inevitably goes horribly wrong.

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