THE BLACK PHONE Amps Up the Creepy Kidnapper Factor in New Trailer

The Black Phone gave us all chills with its first trailer several months ago. The horror thriller’s premise is disturbing enough: a young boy gets snatched up by a weirdo who wears terrifying masks. And apparently this guy boasts a sick history of kidnapping and killing children. There’s also something supernatural in the works, specifically with that titular phone and a young girl who can “see” things. After months of intrigue and a release date shift to June 24, The Black Phone is back with an even creepier new trailer. There’s more unhinged Ethan Hawke, dead bodies, and mystery that makes us want this movie even more. 

We see Finney once again, who is in the worst of situations. A walk home from school leads to an unfortunate encounter with a dude wearing a top hat and driving a black van. So many red flags abound. He wakes up in the basement as “The Grabber” comes in wearing a horned mask. The man asks him his name and, of course, Finney tells a lie. But that untruth makes his kidnapper angry as he declares that he no longer likes him after tossing a newspaper at his feet. The front page story? Finney’s disappearance of course. Thankfully, there’s a few people on Finney’s side. And some of those people are no longer alive.

The Black Phone trailer showing Ethan Hawke wearing a horned white mask with a toothy grin
Universal Pictures

He answers the mysterious ringing black phone and the spirits of previous kids appear in scary fashion. We also discover that The Grabber’s mask is… sentient? It can change into several very scary expressions. We also get to see Finney’s sister at the end, who hopes that her dreams are real. Please let them be real. The Black Phone trailer promises that if you don’t know this film, you will know it well after it comes out. Every call is a lifeline… and hopefully one of them will help set Finney free.

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