Get a Sneak Peek at Monster Series THE BIRCH Season 2

We’ve all got problems. Heck, look at the world at the moment. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone, or something, who could give us a little boost in that department? And hey, if that thing that could help was a mythical woodland demon, one who could make your enemies pay for what they’ve done, then what harm is there in that? A lot, turns out, as the lead character of Crypt TV’s The Birch will tell you. Its second season will land on Facebook Watch March 26, 2021, and we have an exclusive first look.

The Birch is a YA horror series based on Crypt TV’s short film of the same name. The short’s creators Anthony Melton, Ben Franklin and Cliff Wallace also serve as co-producers on the second season. The Facebook Watch series is produced and created by CryptTV with John William Ross serving as the director and Casey Modderno serving as the writer. The show premiered in 2019 on Facebook Watch. The Birch itself is undeterred following the end of last season, and with a brand new young person looking to channel its power, the giant wood monster will have plenty to do.

From the official synopsis of season two:

Picking up where season one suspensefully left off, the second season of Crypt TV’s “The Birch” follows newcomer Rory (Jordyn DiNatale) who calls on the vengeful woodland tree monster, the Birch, to help her combat the cyber bullying and harassment from her peers. As the second season unfolds, Evie (Xaria Dotson) gets her shot at redemption as she tries to stop Rory from making the same mistakes she did, leading to many thrilling and supernatural adventures along the way.
The titular monstrous guardian in Facebook Watch's The Birch, returning for a second season.

Crypt TV

Season two of The Birch premieres Friday March 26 only on Facebook Watch. New episodes drop weekly at 3pm PT/6pm ET and be available on both  The Birch and Crypt Monsters pages. Who doesn’t love a good vengeful monster with a particularly extravagant hat fashion, eh?

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