The Best Two Player Games You Don’t Know About

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There were over 2,000 board games released last year. Keeping up with everything is impossible, and it’s easy to miss some hidden gems amidst the sea of hype and big name titles. One of the most common questions I see out there is “What’s a good 2 player game?” With hundreds of games coming out and so many flying under the radar, how are you supposed to break away from the buzz and experience what else is out there?

Enter Game Box Monthly. They’re a “box of the month” service, with a twist. They know your collection and your preferences. This prevents you from getting something you already have and allows the team to pick a game just for you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all shipment; your monthly game is customized to you and your collection. Take a look at some of their favorite recent 2p games:

Awesome Kingdom

Smash and loot your way through Castle Hateskull in a quest to become the most awesome adventurer, earning your right to face the Lord and Lady of the Castle. Awesome Kingdom is a quick 2-4 player game of snatching gold and smashing goblins on the head. The castle is laid out in a circle and players play cards from their hand to move around the castle in both directions. Your daring adventurer will collect whatever is in the room he lands on, so choose your card carefully!


Drako is an asymmetrical 2p game set in a land of dwarves and dragons. The dwarf player controls three stubby hammer-swingers who have managed to trap a young dragon in the valley. The other player gets 1 larger dragon to play with; they’re attempting to kill the dwarves or escape the trap before they’re killed themselves! Card by card you’ll attempt to outwit–and out fireball–your opponent in an epic battle of survival.


Frogs! Axes! Frogs with Axes! Bullfrogs is an area control game of amphibian combat and area control. Turn after turn players will lay lily pad cards onto a growing shared tableau. Following that, actions are taken that either add or move frogs around the pond. The goal is to fill a lily pad up with your frogs so that you gain control before it sinks, though there are some tactical considerations to be made. It’s possible to lose your powerful bullfrogs to a sinking lily bad if you aren’t careful. Just as the games above, Bullfrogs is a light but engaging game perfect to open up and dig into when your mystery box arrives.

Game Box Monthly is the only “game of the month” service to guarantee that you won’t receive a game you already own. When you register you have the option of sending them a list or linking your BoardGame Geek profile if you have one. This lets them know what you have and helps them learn what you like. They back that guarantee up with a promise to send you another game (at no cost to you) should an error occur.

With month-by-month subscriptions for those who want to try it out and 6-month subscriptions for those who know they want monthly gaming goodness delivered to their door, Game Box Monthly has something for everyone. They also make great gifts for the gamer in your life.

Check them out for yourself!

Do you subscribe to any monthly box services? Which game sound most exciting? Tell us in the comments!

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This post is sponsored by Game Box Monthly.

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