The Best Siblings from Movies and TV

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There are a ton of awesome sibling teams out there in the real world (like Geek & Sundry’s very own Ryon and Felicia), but TV and movies have also offered us some pretty amazing siblings as well. While they may be fictitious, they still exemplify some truly awesome (and sometimes dysfunctional) sibling relationships. So, in honor of National Sibling Day, I’m breaking down 10 of my favorite siblings from movies and TV.

10. The Bluths (Arrested Development)

Okay, so these guys weren’t particularly admirable, but the fact that they managed to stay a fairly tight-knit (albeit crazy dysfunctional) family is commendable. While you probably don’t want to emulate any of the Bluth kids, you have to admit that they would probably be a ton of fun to hang out with.

9. Tia and Tamera (Sister, Sister)

These two had a pretty nineties-tastic story: twins separated at birth that happened to run into one another at the mall. Of course, since Tia and Tamera are twins IRL, they were able to play sisters extremely well. Their sisterly love for one another–paired with that special brand of annoyance reserved only for your siblings–was evident onscreen. They also had some killer nineties fashion on that show. Tia and Tamera were the types of TV characters you just wanted to hang out and be friends with, which made them awesome characters.

8. The Tanners (Full House)

The Tanner girls have gone through a lot. Losing their mom was certainly tough, as it would be for anyone, but they were incredibly supportive of one another from the start. This is the show that made me wish I had an older sister. It also was the show that made me start shouting “How rude!” more frequently than I care to admit. They were relatable and fun, and made you wish they were your sisters, too.

7. Daryl and Merle Dixon (The Walking Dead)

I will be very honest with you. I am not a huge fan of Merle. However, I am a big fan of Daryl, and Daryl loves his brother. When these two get together, they don’t necessarily bring out the best in one another, but they do have quite an admirable loyalty towards one another. While I may not be a fan of Merle, I did love getting to watch his character progression, and the effect he had on Daryl’s growth as well. Besides, they are both the kind of characters you expect to see in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Maybe they aren’t super squishy and lovable, but they’re both forces to be reckoned with.

6. Castiel, Lucifer, and Gabriel (Supernatural

Technically, all of the angels on Supernatural are “siblings”, but the interactions between Cas, Lucifer, and Gabriel are some of my favorites. Mark Pellegrino does a great job playing a Lucifer that you kind of can’t help but like, even though you know he’s the bad guy (he’s even better when he’s stuck-inside-Sam’s-head-Lucifer). Of course, Richard Speight Jr. is just flipping amazing (#BringBackGabriel), and who among us doesn’t love Misha Collins’ Cas? They’re the most dysfunctional of all families, but I just can’t help but love watching the angels work together, the awkward, lovable mooks.

5. The Lannisters ( Game of Thrones

Look at that lovable bunch. While the Lannister house is by far my least favorite house fighting for the Iron Throne (#TeamKhaleesi), they are quite the force to be reckoned with. Each season, all three siblings have grown significantly. Some, like Tyrion and Jamie, have grown into strong characters who you actually find yourself rooting for. Some, like Cersei, have grown a bit more cold and evil and you find yourself rooting for her to fail. Regardless of their likability, the Lannisters are incredibly complicated characters, and make for some great TV–even with Jamie and Cersei’s complicated relationship. Also, they simply wouldn’t stand for not being included on this list.

4. Thor and Loki (Thor and The Avengers)

Thor and Loki, though not brothers by blood, did grow up together as siblings. Though Loki has chosen an “alternative” path in his adulthood, they still manage to keep an uncomfortable, untrusting, yet profound bond in the Marvel movies. Loki is the perfect breath of fresh air from Thor’s intensity, and they are able to play off of each other’s personalities brilliantly. Also, they’re portrayed by Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth. What’s not to love?

3. The Starks (Game of Thrones)

The Starks (and their half-brother, Jon) have been through the ringer. Death of family, an abusive fiancee, The Red Wedding, being tossed out a window, traveling around the country with the Hound, and dealing with Wildlings and White Walkers on the Wall…these kids have seen it all. While they’re no longer physically with one another, a reunion with their siblings is always what keeps the Starks/Snow going. These guys are some of the strongest, most courageous and loyal siblings out there.

2. Sam and Dean (Supernatural

While the Starks might be one of the most loyal siblings out there, Sam and Dean Winchester might be the most loyal. These two lost their mother as kids, they spent their lives hunting monsters, and then lost their father to the same demon that took their mom. Both brothers have literally gone to hell to save the other (Dean made a straight up deal, his soul for Sam’s life, and Sam threw himself into the Pit to save Dean and…you know, the world). These guys are incredibly messed up and probably need lifetimes of therapy, but the immense amount of loss they’ve both experienced have made them incredibly loyal to one another.

1. Luke and Leia ( Star Wars

Despite having that awkward moment where they kissed one another *Cersei and Jamie Lannister laugh in the background*, these guys are another pair of awesome twins who were separated at birth. Both Luke and Leia are incredibly strong and are very motivated to do good in the world. Luke has to navigate the tumultuous waters of Jedi-dom, the Force, and avoiding joining the Dark Side like his father, while his sister, Princess Leia, joins the Rebel Alliance to save the world from the impending threat of the Galactic Empire. Both siblings put their lives on the line to save the world, and both prove themselves to be incredibly brave and selfless. Luke and Leia are probably two of the coolest siblings around.

Who are some of your favorite siblings from movies and television? Let me know in the comments!

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