THE BATMAN Teaser Gets a LEGO Version

We are over a year and half away from The Batman swinging into movie theaters, thanks to all the pandemic-related delays. But that didn’t stop us from getting blown away by the teaser trailer, which premiered a few months ago at DC FanDome. Many of everyone’s fears about Robert Pattinson stepping into the thick black boots of Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, and Michael Keaton are put to rest after the short but effective trailer.

And now, someone has gone and created a cute version of Matt Reeves’ Gotham epic, done entirely with LEGO bricks. This comes to us from Jeremy Borchers, who created the epic LEGO version of The Mandalorian last year. Some 13 animators worked on this for over two months, and then rendered the video in 4K. And you can now watch their full LEGO-style The Batman  trailer above.

One things for sure; this is pretty different from the last time we got a LEGO movie featuring the Dark Knight and his friends and foes. We don’t foresee a Zach Galifianakis version of the Joker in this one though. Just a hunch. This video has several nice little touches. For instance, this trailer makes sure that the Bruce Wayne figure has all that makeup around his eyes. And it accounts for Battinson’s floppy emo hair too. It just wouldn’t be the same without it.

THE BATMAN Teaser Gets a LEGO Version_1

Jeremy Borchers 

Even actors who are actually in the movie got a tickle at seeing themselves in LEGO form. Actor Geoffrey Wright, our new Lt. James Gordon, recently tweeted out his approval for this project. We agree with him, this is pretty sick (in the good way). The so-called “brickfilming community” really outdid themselves with this one we think. Now here’s hoping when the full trailer arrives, we get a sequel!

Featured Image: Jeremy Borchers

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