THE BATMAN Spinoff Series from Matt Reeves Coming to HBO MAX

Update 11/17/20: According to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Terence Winter has exited the series due to “creative differences.”

The Dark Knight’s universe is about to get bigger by returning to television. The Batman director Matt Reeves is creating an original spin-off series from his upcoming movie based on the Gotham police department.

HBO Max has given an official series commitment for a drama based on the Gotham City police department. Matt Reeves, Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter, The Batman producer Dylan Clark, and Warner Bros. Television will develop the series. Winter will write the show. It will take place inside the universe Reeves will establish in The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. The series “will build upon the motion picture’s examination of the anatomy of corruption in Gotham City.”

Robert Pattinson dons the Batman cowl.Warner Bros.

The network says the series will provide an “unprecedented opportunity to extend the world established in the movie and further explore the myriad of compelling and complex characters of Gotham.” This isn’t the first time a show has done that. Gotham offered fans a look at a pre-Batman city where many of his future foes were building their criminal bonafides. This might also give us some insight into what to expect from Reeve’s film though. Of course, hearing there’s corruption in Gotham’s PD isn’t exactly shocking.

“This is an amazing opportunity, not only to expand the vision of the world I am creating in the film, but to explore it in the kind of depth and detail that only a longform format can afford—and getting to work with the incredibly talented Terence Winter, who has written so insightfully and powerfully about worlds of crime and corruption, is an absolute dream,” said Reeves in the official press release.

There’s no word on when the show might premiere, but The Batman‘s scheduled 2021 release date seems to be in question thanks to COVID-19, so it could be awhile before the series makes it to air.

But that’s nothing for Batman fans to worry about. The night is always darkest before the dawn. No matter the size of the screen.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

Originally published on July 10, 2020.

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