THE BATMAN Getting Its Own Limited-Edition Dark Knight Oreos

The Batman will soon bring the Caped Crusader back into theaters. But before Bruce Wayne returns we’re getting a whole slew of new products. WarnerMedia Global Brands has announced a lineup of original collectibles. The collection features everything from Batman clothing and toys to Batman accessories and beauty products. But we’re simple fans of the Dark Knight with simple tastes. Specifically we like to taste cookies. And soon one of our favorite treats will celebrate the iconic hero, with limited edition Oreos featuring the Batman himself.

But if you live in Gotham, or anywhere else in the US, you’re going to have to go international to nab some.

The Dark Knight will soon greet snackers instead of evil-doers. Special The Batman Oreos will have an embossment of DC’s moody superhero rather than Oreo’s traditional logo. The limited-edition treats will also have custom The Batman packaging. A delight so good Catwoman will undoubtedly steal it.

The Oreos will be sold in select markets around the world. Unfortunately the US will not be one of those markets. Those of us America will have to turn to other methods to obtain some. That could mean adopting the life of an international super villain. Or buying them on the secondary market.

An Oreo cookie featuring The Batman
Saatchi Germany/WarnerMedia Global Brands

If hungry noshers who can simply buy these at a nearby store are anything like us, every single sleeve of cookies featuring Bruce Wayne’s alter ego will disappear under mysterious circumstances. Some will say it’s because one can devour an entire package in a single sitting. But it’s much more likely the Joker will steal them. Don’t let a trail of crumbs from our pantry to the couch fool you. That’s exactly what the Joker would do to frame us.

Oh who are kidding. This whole thing might result in us becoming the Joker. We have simple tastes. We love cookies and we love Batman. To combine the two, but then prevent us from buying the resulting treat, is enough to make anyone embrace the dark side of the law.

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