THE BAD BATCH Season 3 Will Be Its Final Season

The Bad Batch season two just wrapped up in March; however, this isn’t the end for these elite clones. Star Wars Celebration gave fans a plethora of announcements, including an Ahsoka trailer to get us hyped for the series’ arrival later this year. And, one of those announcements was that The Bad Batch will return to Disney+ for season three and wrap up the story of Clone Force 99. That’s right, The Bad Batch’s third season will be its final one. Executive producers Jennifer Corbett, Athena Portillo, and Brad Rau revealed the big news to fans during the event’s Bad Batch panel.

Right now, we don’t know too many details about what to expect in the series’ concluding episodes. But fans at this panel did get a glimpse of The Bad Batch‘s final season. According to, The Bad Batch season three teaser shows the Emperor visiting Dr. Royce Hemlock on Mount Tantiss with the former telling the doctor that their brilliance is an asset to the Empire. The Bad Batch teaser also shows Hunter addressing Omega’s capture from the season two finale, saying that Omega shouldn’t have to wait for them another day.

The logo for The Bad Batch Star Wars series returning for season three final season

Omega and Crosshair are in Imperial custody as Omega tells Crosshair that she will not give up. We can only assume that The Bad Batch season three will have sixteen episodes like its previous two seasons. But we do know that the final season of The Bad Batch is coming sometime in 2024. For now, we can revel in these really awesome figures of all our faves from the series.

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