THE BAD BATCH Season 2 Gets a Great Batch of Hasbro Black Series Figures

Star Wars: The Bad Batch just finished its second season, but fans of the animated Disney+ show don’t have to start thinking about season three just yet. That band of clones is getting another set of Hasbro Black Series figures. This time it’s inspired by the cartoon’s sophomore year.

Hasbro Star Wars The Bad Batch Black Series figures for Omega, Hunter, and Wrecker

Hasbro is getting in on this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration in the UK by announcing its newest Black Series figures. The six-figure set brings to life the Bad Batch, from its littlest member to its biggest. Every collectible appears in their season two Mercenary Gear.

The six-inch figures, which all come with “premium detail and multiple points of articulation,” include one for Omega. She comes with an alternate head (sporting head gear) and her energy bow. Joining her is Hunter. He comes equipped with his helmet, blasters, knives, and pack. And everyone’s favorite big strong lug Wrecker has five accessories of his own. His figure features weapons, pack, and his signature helmet.

Hasbro Star Wars The Bad Batch Black Series figures for Echo, Tech, and a Clone Commander

The rest of the set includes Echo, who sports his own blaster, pack, and helmet. As does Tech’s figure. However, his also comes with more accessories. It has to. Tech couldn’t do his job without his tools.

The last figure isn’t a member of the Bad Batch, but that’s good. Every good army unit needs a worthy enemy. This set’s is a stylish Clone Commando. The collectible comes with “reinforced heavy armor, an enhanced tactical display visor, and a powerful DC-17 blaster rifle.”

Each figure comes with a suggested retail price of $24.99. Five of them will be available this fall, but you can pre-order them much sooner. That window begins exclusively at Walmart at 1 pm ET on Star Wars Day, May the 4th.

Hasbro's Black Series Omega figure from the Bad Batch open with headgear and firing an energy bow

You don’t have to wait nearly that long to claim your Omega Black Series figure, though. You can pre-order the batch’s little clone sister at Hasbro Pulse at 1 pm ET on April 11. The only downside is she won’t be released until spring of 2024.

Hopefully, the rest of the gang can hold things together without her. And we also hope we don’t have to wait too long for season three. These figures celebrate season two, but they make us eager to see what’s next for the Bad Batch.

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