“The ABCs of RPGs” is Fun For the Whole Adventuring Family

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Parents, do you teach your children arithmetic by rolling D20s and adding in modifiers? Do you sit your child on your lap and read to them the teachings of the gods of Pathfinder? Do you wish their English homework involved writing stories to fit into Savage Worlds campaigns? As a gamer and father himself, Geek & Sundry’s Ivan Van Norman completely understands.

Introducing The ABCs of RPGs, activity books for both kids and adults. Ivan wanted to find a book that would allow him to share his passion for roleplaying games with his young son, but there just wasn’t anything on the market. He decided to team up with artist Caleb Cleveland and Hunters Books to create his own.

The ABCs of RPGs will include two books. The first is a 28 page full color hardback that “explores wonderful concepts from Adventure to Zeal!” The second part is a 40-page black and white activity book with pages for coloring, paper dolls, mazes, brad dolls, and face masks. Almost makes me wish I had a kid. Almost. But hey, you can certainly enjoy the books for your own leisure, or get a set for a friend.

Why just buy the books when you can be a part of getting them produced? Ivan just launched a Kickstarter to raise $9000 to fund the publication. Your donations will not only help make his vision a reality, but also help promote literacy. Ivan is teaming up with Jean Chadwick, co-founder of The Literacy Club, to convert $150 donations into Little Free Library Stewards in the donor’s area. Ivan has some great plans for stretch goals as well. At $20,000, The Library Bards will create a Sing-A-Long companion. At $35,000 Ivan and Caleb will tack on 10 additional pages into the activity book. At $100,000 in donations, they will create an app for iPhone and Android.

We wish Ivan the best of luck with this new venture. You can see Ivan in his element hosting No Survivors Mondays at 7pm PT and Game The Game Thursdays at 4pm PT on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch Channel!

Image credits: Caleb Cleveland, Ivan Van Norman

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