TETRIS Waffle Maker Turns Game Into a Tasty Puzzle

There’s nothing quite like waffles for breakfast. They come in many sizes, shapes, and flavors that are pretty much all delicious, especially when you toss toppings and syrup on those little squares. People love them so much that there are countless waffle makers to create pretty much anything. That includes very sexy and NSFW ones, too. But honestly, it is surprising that this new design just came up. Firebox now has a Tetris waffle maker for hungry fans to create impossible puzzles with Tetrimino shapes.

Tetris Waffle Maker photo with tetrimino shaped waffle pieces around it

This officially licensed waffle maker, which we learned about via Laughing Squid, makes a ton of sense. Waffles already have the same little squares as the infamously frustrating game. So why not put them into L, T, and square shapes so you can create a food puzzle? The great thing is, if you get annoyed with them not fitting together, you can just bite squares until they fit. Or just give up and eat all of them. What a tasty approach to the game.

The Tetris waffle maker will set you back $41 plus shipping and is currently available on Firebox’s website. Here’s what the description has to say about this creation:

With this retro kitchen wonder, you can effortlessly create up to seven Tetrimino-shaped waffles in mere minutes from the comfort of your own home. Just imagine being presented with seven (or more!) tantalising Tetriminos sitting on a plate in front of you – we defy any normal human not to start immediately re-arranging and playing with them!
photo of Tetris waffles in wafflemaker

Do I need one? Not at all. I already have three waffle makers at home. And I don’t use them nearly enough because life. Do I want one? Of course I do. I love fun yet useless things. ‘Tis the season to make a delicious and fun breakfast.

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