TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Trailer Forms an Unlikely Team

The first teaser for Terminator: Dark Fate gave us everything we would want from a new entry in the franchise—Linda Hamilton being a total boss and standing up to the most advanced machine yet. The full action-packed trailer only made us more excited for the film, which will also see Arnold Schwarzenegger return to his iconic role as the T-800. That alone would have been enough to get us ready to fight Skynet ourselves, but as the latest trailer for the movie reminds us, while there will be plenty of explosions and high-octane sequences, the heart of the story is still the desperate attempt to protect the mother of mankind’s would-be savior.

This newest trailer combines English and Spanish as it focuses on Natalia Reyes’s Dani, who, like Sarah Connor decades earlier, is mankind’s only hope for salvation from total extermination. At the beginning of the film she is nearly assassinated by a Terminator who has assumed the identity of her father. A last second rescue and escape leads to an unlikely group forming, which in addition to Sarah Connor and the T-800 also includes Mackenzie Davis’s time-traveling half-human/half-cyborg Grace who was also sent back to protect Dani. Grace might be best equipped physically to stand up to Gabriel Luna’s body-splitting robot, but it always helps to have some veteran leadership on the team.

The film, directed by Deadpool‘s Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron, is a direct sequel to T2, as all of the other movies in the franchise are now considered to have happened in an alternate timeline. That should help keep the story a lot clearer, and it also means you don’t have to go back and put yourself through another viewing of Terminator: Genisys. Some fates are worse than the end of mankind.

Terminator will be back to theaters this fall, when Dark Fate opens on November 1.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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