Linda Hamilton Returns in TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Trailer

What comes after Judgment Day? An upgrade.

Paramount Pictures has released the first look at Terminator: Dark Fate, a direct sequel to the original two movies in the franchise (all of the other films are now considered to be in an alternate timeline), and it looks like it could be exactly what the series needs to get back on track. This tense, haunting teaser has the most advanced Terminator yet, as Gabriel Luna plays a liquid metal robot from the future who can split into multiple killing machines. We also meet another would-be mother of a savior (Natalia Reyes) who needs protecting from Skynet. It also has something new: a half human/half cyborg (Mackenzie Davis) who can stand toe-to-toe with the technologically advanced assassin sent to the past.

But what will really have fans excited is the return of one of the greatest action movie characters of all time, Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor, who is still on the job saving mankind from total extinction. And she has an old friend around who can help.

Any skepticism we might have had over this movie, mainly because the metal wheels of the franchise seemed to pop completely off with the last film, washed away the second we saw Gabriel Luna divide himself into two Terminators. And the moment Linda Hamilton got out of that truck with the bazooka we were all in, even if this initial teaser didn’t give much of anything away about what we can expect from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 in the movie.

We’re sure he’ll be back in a bigger role in the next trailer, and we’ll find out if an older model can still hang with the new upgrades. We know Sarah Connor can.

Produced by James Cameron and directed by Deadpool‘s Tim Miller, Terminator: Dark Fate comes to theaters this fall, November 1.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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