TEEN TITANS Animated Series Might Return (But There’s a Catch)

Ever since Teen Titans Go! made its debut and became a pop culture phenomenon of its own, fans have been wondering if the cutesy, pint sized versions of their favorite heroes would mean the return of the classic iteration of the animated Teen Titans. That show, which ran from 2003-2006, was a beloved series in its own right, and the generation who grew up with the series still has tremendous affection for it–so much so they’ve never stopped asking for a potential sixth season of the series to be made. But all these years later, is that even possible?

Well, according to voice actor  Tara Strong, who plays Raven on both shows, it is very possible…on one condition: that Teen Titans Go To The Movies is a hit. In a tweet from Strong, via Comic Book, and which you can see above, it seems the higher ups at Warner Brothers have told her directly that if the upcoming Teen Titans Go To The Movies become a proper hit, then it will guarantee a new season of the original Teen Titans as well.[/nerdist_section]

Whether that show is for Cartoon Network or as a companion show for the live-action Titans series on the DC Universe streaming platform isn’t clear, but it sounds like return of the show is a real possibility. So there you have it, all you old school Teen Titans fans; get on Fandango now and get your tickets for Teen Titans Go To The Movies and season six might be around the corner. Now, what movie do we have to support for us to get another season of Justice League Unlimited, hmm?

How excited are you for the possibility of the classic Teen Titans? Let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Warner Brothers Animation

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