Take Keyleth’s Journal Along On Your Own Adventures

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Critical Role‘s half-elven druid Keyleth is on a quest to discover her true self. As she makes this journey with the companionship of Vox Machina, Keyleth often stops to pluck a flower to press between the pages of a beloved journal to remember that stage of their adventure.

With this easy DIY, you can create a one-of-a-kind journal inspired by Keyleth. Write down important notes from your own Dungeons & Dragons encounters, or save your own treasured memories and keepsakes in its pages.

What You Need

  • Chipboard journal / blank book
  • Artificial monarch butterfly, approximately 5″ long
  • Small paper flowers
  • Two small twigs, approximately 4-5″ long
  • Blue rhinestone stickers
  • Scissors
  • Glue or hot glue

Get Started!

Begin by cutting the two wings off the artificial monarch butterfly. Set aside.

Next, use glue or hot glue to adhere the two twigs (used as an homage to Keyleth’s antlers) to the cover of the journal, angled into the top corners.

Glue the monarch wings on top of the twigs, in the middle of the cover, leaving a small space in the middle.

Next, arrange three flowers at the top of one wing. Glue them in place over the twig and wing.

Repeat on the other wing.

Next, stick the blue rhinestone stickers on each wing. Place two large rhinestones on each bottom half, and two small ones on each top half. (You can use the photo of Keyleth above for reference if you’re a stickler for accuracy.)

Your Keyleth journal is complete! Take it along on your adventures so that you never forget a special moment along the way.

To personalize your journal, you can paint tree bark or another pattern on the cover before adding the decorative items, or use a blank book with a leather-bound cover or favorite design.

What else do you think Keyleth saves in her journal? Tell us in the comments.

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Blog Image Credits: Geek & Sundry (Critical Role), Kelly Knox

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