Taco Bell Testing Two New Versions of Mexican Pizza

It’s an early Christmas for lovers of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. ( And we know there are many of you out there.) Because Taco Bell is officially testing two new versions of its Mexican Pizza. That’s right, new variations on the beloved dish could soon make it onto Taco Bell menus. But only if lucky taste testers sign off on these new visions of what Mexican Pizza could mean. On the table? Jalapeno Mexican Pizza and Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza. Sounds promising to us.

one of two new versions of Mexican Pizza the Jalapeno Mexican Pizza
Taco Bell

Food & Wine Magazine shed a bit more light on what these new Mexican Pizza titles. Here’s what they mean for our mouths. Jalapeno Mexican Pizza, a.k.a Spicy Mexican Pizza, will offer a flavor feast. The publication shares that Jalapeno Mexican Pizza will have a nacho cheese sauce topping and, you guessed it, sliced jalapenos. Meanwhile, the new Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza has not two, as is traditional, but three layers of beef-and-bean filling. Hence the triple. Nothing like some clever wordplay with Mexican Pizzas.

I know what you’re asking. How do we taste these two new versions of Mexican Pizza? That’s a great question. And for some, it has a great answer. Taco Bell stores in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, will be testing the Jalapeno Mexican Pizza with customers. Meanwhile, Taco Bells in Omaha, Nebraska, will receive the gift of Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza. Both new Mexican Pizzas will arrive in their respective locations on December 22 and remain on sale for a “limited time.”

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza has been saved by the efforts of fans and Doja Cat. Mexican Pizza returns to Taco Bell in May
Taco Bell

Personally, I feel more excited about the Jalapeno Mexican Pizza. So I guess I better start changing my travel plans, stat. Oklahoma, here I come. For the rest of us, the timeline for alternate Mexican Pizza versions remains unknown. We guess we’ll have to console ourselves somehow.

Perhaps with a delicious OG Mexican Pizza and a nice side of Baja Blast.

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