You Can Own an $800 Version of SWORD ART ONLINE’s Elucidator Sword

Have you ever wanted to experience the high fantasy action of Sword Art Online without being trapped inside of a virtual reality hellscape? If so, you’re in luck because Japanese company Cerevo has you covered. The Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer unveiled their latest creations at CES 2018, but they made major waves for the latest addition to their line of high-end anime collectibles: a 1/1 scale replica of the Elucidator sword, wielded by the series’ protagonist Kirito in the mega-popular anime series Sword Art Online, which follows the adventures of gamers trapped inside of a virtual reality MMORPG with terrifying real-life consequences.

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In Sword Art Online, the Elucidator is one of the series’ most iconic weapons, known for its signature blue glow. With an internal 6-axis sensor, the sword will be able to detect whichever way you swing it and generates sound effects that it can wirelessly beam to nearby speakers using a smartphone app. It won’t just help you light up your enemies with a flurry of blows, either! With 2,000 built-in LED lights, the Elucidator has a futuristic aura that will strike fear into the hearts of your foes and envy into the hearts of nearby onlookers. You can adjust the LEDs via the app, as well as use your voice to show off badass Starburst Sword techniques of your very own.

The Elucidator isn’t for the casual collector, though. This bad boy is expected to retail for an estimated $800, so you’ll want to be careful exactly where you swing it. The sword is planned for a mid-2018 release, which should give another enterprising company enough time to make a working version of the NerveGear so you can really immerse yourself in the world of Sword Art: Online.

This isn’t Cerevo’s first foray into the world of pricy anime collectibles; the electronics manufacturer previously released a $2,000 1/8 scale Tachikoma tank from Ghost in the Shell that you could control and move around with a smartphone app. But would you be willing to drop $800 on a sword? What other anime weapons do you want high-end replicas of? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Cerevo; Aniplex of America

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