SUPERPOWERED: THE DC STORY Tells the 8-Decade Saga of DC Comics

DC characters at the movies may be in a state of flux, as we are at the end of the DCEU and the dawn of James Gunn’s new DC Universe in film and TV. But the actual DC comics have been going strong for 87 years now. As the home of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many, many others, DC Comics spawned a modern mythology, chronicled in a new 3-part documentary series on Max called Superpowered: The DC Story. It premieres on July 20 on the platform, and you can watch the trailer right here:

Leslie Iwerks, who directed the excellent The Imagineering Story on Disney+ last year, directed Superpowered. Rosario Dawson, herself no stranger to DC as someone who voiced Wonder Woman in several animated features, is the narrator. The 3-part series will cover the birth of DC during the Great Depression. Then, of course, the arrival of Superman and Batman and the Golden Age of comics. And also the near collapse of the comics industry when it was under siege in the ’50s. This led to the Silver Age and characters like the Justice League, and ultimately, to modern icons like Sandman and the Milestone heroes. It’s 87 years folks, there’s a lot of story to tell in this one.

Key art for Superpowered: The DC Story, the 3 part documentary on Max.

Superpowered: The DC Story premieres on July 20 on Max.

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