SUPERNATURAL’s Tarot Deck Has the Most Fitting Cards

Supernatural aired for 15 seasons, and even though that marks quite a long time for any kind of TV series—especially a genre one—we still have a Winchester-shaped void in our heart. Luckily, we can find plenty of ways to get our wayward sons fix. Rewatching the series always stands as an option. So does pulling out our favorite flannel shirts and basically cosplaying as Sam and/or Dean. And thanks to Insight Editions, themed tarot cards represent another option for you to revisit the world with demons, angels, and everything in between. The Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook from writer Minerva Siegel and illustrator Matthew Skiff has the most fitting cards, too.

The Supernatural tarot box and deck

Insight Editions

The Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook comes with the traditional 78 cards. In this set, the cards depict everyone from Sam and Dean, to Castiel, to Rowena, to Bobby Singer. An accompanying guidebook reviews the meaning of each card and goes over basic spreads to facilitate the reader doing simple readings. And, let us just point out that our beloved boys, Sam and Dean Winchester, adorn The Fool card (The Fools in this case).

Sam and Dean Winchester on the Supernatural Fools tarot card

Insight Editions

Heck, even the Impala has a card. It is, appropriately, The Chariot. The special vehicle certainly got the Winchesters through a lot. Can you imagine the mileage it racked up across 15 seasons of them saving people and hunting things? Anyway, it’s just the right card for the unflagging vehicle.

Supernatural Impala tarot card

Insight Editions

Tarot cards played roles in more than a few Supernatural episodes. We see Bela, Charlie (the magician, not Felicia Day’s character), and Clea use them among others. And having a deck featuring the characters from the series feels like coming full circle.

The Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook will be available on April 27. You can place a pre-order now.

Amy Ratcliffe is the Managing Editor for Nerdist and the author of A Kid’s Guide to Fandom, available for pre-order now. Follow her on  Twitter and Instagram.

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