Some mild Supernatural season 13 spoilers ahead–read on with care if you’re not caught up!

The Supernatural universe is expanding in a lot of exciting ways. Not only do we have the new apocalypse universe that is bringing back old, well-loved characters, but the backdoor pilot of the long-anticipated spin-off series called Wayward Sisters is also taking things to a new level. A spin-off following the adventures of Sheriff Jody, her two adopted daughters Claire and Alex, and Sheriff Donna has been a bit of a fan obsession for a while now. The fandom was ready to see the women of Supernatural step forward, and start kicking some monster ass without ending up dead in a bathtub, burned on a ceiling, or mauled by a hellhound. So we were more than a little thrilled when Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb decided to make the show a reality.Of course, the idea behind  Wayward Sisters has been brewing on the show for a while. Several episodes have set up the idea, like last season’s “Don’t You Forget About Me” and this season’s “Patience”. The episodes have introduced new characters, like psychic Patience Turner, and have set up the dynamic of Jody Mills as sheriff/hunter/caretaker for supernatural orphans along with her bubbly bestie, Donna Hanscum. We still have to wait a bit to see what happens next with our favorite Wayward Sisters, but  Entertainment Weekly has released a first look at the backdoor pilot. Here are a few of the images:

Not only do we get to see the Wayward Sisters fam fighting together, but we also see Claire with another of the show’s new characters, Kaia. We don’t know much about Kaia except that she, like Claire and Alex, were orphaned due to a supernatural tragedy. Like Patience, Kaia has powers, but unlike Patience’s psychic abilities, Kaia’s have been nothing but a curse to her as she can’t control them.

We also get a shot of Claire and Alex together. Though Claire chose to continue hunting, Alex decided she wanted out of the hunting lifestyle. We know the supernatural world never leaves anyone alone fully (especially when your adopted mom and sister are bonafide hunters), but it looks like Alex found herself an “apple pie” job as a nurse. It’s perfect! She can help people and, from the looks of the picture, give her hunting family details on supernatural slayings in the area.

This show is shaping up to be amazing, and it will be the perfect addition to the Supernatural universe. We can’t wait to see more from these badass hunters, and our mind is already reeling at the fun Supernatural/Wayward Sisters crossover episodes that could be in our future.

What do you hope to see in the backdoor pilot and the spin-off? Let’s talk in the comments!

Feature Image: The CW

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