Superheroes Meet Their Newborn Babies in Hilarious Fan Art

It’s usually a storytelling disaster when superheroes have kids, with rare exceptions (both Batman and Superman’s kids are actually pretty dope). Still, we all wonder what it would be like if famous heroes had super offspring of their own. Now, thanks to the folks at Bored Panda, we’ve learned about a Brazilian illustrator and pop culture fan named Lucas Eduardo Nascimento, who also goes by the nickname “ Dragonarte,” who has imagined that very scenario.Among his many humorous cartoons based on superheroes and other pop culture figures is a series that features the newborn babies of superheroes (and one infamous movie monster), and which shows their proud parents seeing their kids in the maternity ward for the very first time. Dragonarte has been working on this series for years now, creating 14 cartoons in total.  You can check out the entire series down below:Starting things off, it seems Deadpool Jr. is clearly a chip off the old, wildly inappropriate block.

This illustration show’s the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch with a little tyke of his own, but it’s the other babies in the maternity ward that are stealing the show! How adorable is baby Hulk??Peter Parker should be proud of his little girl (yup, in the comics future Spidey has a daughter! It’s canon!)Tony Stark’s kid wastes no time emulating Daddy.The xenomorph from Alien isn’t a superhero, but this one is still hilarious.Baby Martian Manhunter is straight out of a horror movieHey, isn’t this the premise of the current season of The Flash?Shouldn’t Hawkman wait until it hatches before he’s in proud papa mode?Robocop’s kid came into the world far more useful than most.If the Thing’s lady love Alicia Masters is the mom, then this sure makes me feel sorry for her. That could not have been an easy delivery.Wolverine’s baby is born very “on brand.”We’d like to think that’s baby Damian Wayne, hence the immediate brooding in the rafters.Aquababy looks much healthier and happier in this pic than the does in the comics, that’s for sure.
Which superhero would you like to see greet their newborn child next? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Marvel Comics / Lucas Eduardo Nascimento

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